ISUZU brand electric bus presented in the premises of Libertas

The presentation of the ISUZU brand electric bus with a test drive was held today at the headquarters of Libertas in Komolec and on the city streets.
Earlier this year, on a couple of occasions, we had the opportunity to present and test fully electric vehicles intended for public city traffic with a length of 12 m and 6 m, and today, according to the plan, an 8 m vehicle was also in turn.
"The process of replacing vehicles of older production with newer ones is ongoing, so 15 buses powered by diesel engines of the latest Euro 6 standard have been acquired, all financed with funds from the EU, and the same number of vehicles of older production have been written off and scrapped. An additional three buses of the year, also financed with funds from the EU, should arrive within the next month or so. The next step in ecological development is the decarbonization of public transport, and as part of that, we are moving towards the electrification of part of our fleet. Studies that will show us which type of vehicle, which charging method and which chargers and in which locations would be optimal will be completed by the end of October this year. We are doing everything to be ready for the moment when EU funds will be available for the purpose of purchasing electric vehicles and accompanying equipment. In addition to the mentioned study, part of the process of preparation for electrification is the testing of electric vehicles, so today we will have the opportunity to see an ISUZU fully electric city bus. - said Libertas director Franko Mekišić
Representative of the company Presečki grupa d.o.o. Mario Kramar expressed satisfaction with the fact that they represent one of the most modern vehicles in the passenger transport segment, precisely in Dubrovnik.
"It is an eight-meter-long vehicle, powered by an electric motor with a peak power of 270 kW, with a passenger capacity of 52 seats. With its dimensions, equipment and capacity, this vehicle is fully adapted to city roads such as those in Dubrovnik, which is unique in every respect and deserves to be among the first cities to further improve the public transport system and adopt the latest trends in the field of ecology as a means of of modern business", said Mario Kramar, representative of Presečki grupa d.o.o.

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